VETERANS   (10% Home Depot Discount)


  For those Veterans who are not aware, Home Depot allows you to take advantage of 10% savings on all your purchases.  If you are Retired Military or discharged with any percentage of disability, the government will provide you with a Photo ID which you can present for your savings.  These savings are available at any time of the year.                            For those who served but do not fit into these two categories indicated, you can still get these savings by providing your Discharge paper DD-214, however, you are restricted to National Holidays only.  There is a way to get around this restriction though.  Since the Government does not provide a Photo ID for military personnel who simply served and did not come under the category listed, you can go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and ask to have your License modified.                             You will need to provide a copy of DD-214 Discharge and pay a fee which is $11 in the state of Texas.  You will then receive your Modified License in approximately two weeks, and it will indicate Veteran on the right side.  This way, you won't be restricted to the 10% saving only on Holidays.  By modifying your license you will have met the criteria that Home Depot required, which is providing a Photo ID indicating that you are a Veteran.
  Though Lowes does not have any restrictions, they are more expensive and I recommend them only for specialty items since Home Depot carries almost the same products.

  Enjoy your savings!