Deck Entryway

      This entryway project took only two days to construct.  Though the use of rocks as a walkway was practical at the time, the area required more privacy and a cleaner look.  The deck is 8 ft long by 7 ft wide.  Keep in mind that all outdoor construction must either be treated lumber or lumber that will weather the elements.  Usually treated lumber is the least expensive.

      When starting the initial framing, be sure to use a levelor.  If the frame is crooked to begin with, your structure may need adjustments later on.  It is best that the frame is level from the beginning.  Since the existing neighbor's fence post was very stable, only one additional post was needed.  A deck frame is generally built with 2 inch by 6 inch lumber, however, in this case in order to keep the step lower to the ground, 2 inch by 4 inch lumber was used instead.

     Since the rock walkway had been in place for several years, the foundation was ideal.  I did though support the deck frame with 2x4 boards and cemented to insure it was solid.  When constructing a deck, placing horizontal boards on opposite ends provide a much cleaner and professional look.

     Though a single entry door would have been adequate, double doors were more practical providing ease of use.  When I construct doors on decks, I am a firm believer in providing additional support to the door by using rollers.  So many times I see entry doors warping or hindges being pulled off because of their weight.

      The post that was set next to the house was well cemented, however, in time it will pull away from it because of the weight of the door.  I, therefore, placed 2 anchor bolts on the brick and secured an (L) Brace to the post insuring there would not be any problems in the future.

      As added protection from the elements,
I stained the structure with a Transparent Redwood Stain called Penofin.  This easy to build structure not only added practical use of this area, but it also enhanced it's curb appeal.  Since this house is located on a corner and is visible to ongoing traffic, this simple upgrade was an increase to it's property value.


     materials list  is provided on the most current projects in order to give you an idea on cost.  By demonstrating step by step photos on it's progression, this will inspire you to visualize your ideas and challenge yourself to meet your goals.


Materials List            


1 4X4X8 Lumber 1   11.94
2 80 lb. Cement 3 4.48 13.44
3 2x4x8 Lumber 15 3.19 47.85
4 1x4x6 Lumber 13 1.17 15.21
5 Swivel Wheels 2 2.97 5.94
6 2x6x8 Lumber 13 4.97 64.61
7 Deck Screws 2" 1   8.69
8 Door Hinges 2 5.97 11.94
9 Fence Door Handles 4 2.79 11.16
10 Deck Screws 2 1/2" 1   29.87
11 Door Bolt 2 8.97 17.94
12 Anchor Bolts 1/4"x4" 2 1.97 3.94
13 Transparent Redwood Stain (Penofin) 1   33.00
14 (L) Brace 1   4.16
  TOTAL     $279.69