This particular project was based on a similar design shown on Pinterest site.  The motivation in constructing this trellis were my Dalia plants which were suppose to grow only 2 1/2', however, grew more than 4' which required better stability than simply a stick to keep them up.
​Their original design encompassed the use of Rebar for the center, and it's dimensions were approximately 8' versus 12' which I built.  I installed an additional support post in the middle to handle the weight which would eliminate the possibility of sagging.  The type of lumber used was treated and cedar and the stain used was Mahogony by Readyseal.  You can tell the difference as to which is which based on the color variation.  Cedar always looks darker when stained due to its absorption rate.

  Before installing the horizontal 2"x2" boards, you would need to determine the center of the frame and ensure that you use a level on the first board.  In order to have the equal amount of spacing between each coinciding board, I used a 2"x4" as illustrated on the photo to the right.  Once you start getting close to each side, determine how much spacing you would like to  leave for visual aesthetics.  

  The post length used was 8' with a 2' depth for a 6' height trellis.  I also used 1"x4" Cedar boards on the  posts for a more robust look.  To highlight the structure, I expanded the landscape lighting for a more visual affect.  I used 3 1/2" deck screws for the 2x4 and 2 1/2" to secure the vertical boards from behind in order to hide the assembly.  The 2"x6" boards on top were 2' lenght and knotched for stability.

​  My next project coming up is a post lantern. I will be constructing three of them.  Two will be placed opposite side of the Pergola as one exits the French doors and the other around the corner deck next to a large Pagoda.

​  The material cost for this project came to approximatley $ 340