Carport Rebuild

  This project was to reconstruct a 
Flat Roof Carport to a 3' Rise with
Inset Lighting. Though the prior 
design worked well for over 20 years, it had deteriorated even with it's 6" downgrade.  I removed all lumber except the 6"x6"x9' posts whereby I adjusted the height at bubble level for the next phase.  I installed 4"x12"x20' beams for structural stability and reinforcement with plates and bolt screws.

  The next phase was attaching the 2"x6"x20' rafters and securing them with Joist Hangers and 3" nails on opposite ends.                 

   Though one person could construct

the framing, this is a two 

person job for safety reasons.  Obtain  the center measurement of the
of the structure to install supporting

beam which will support your top


  Photos opposite side show the 
progression in front and rear
supports. Though most roofs use
OSB 1/2"x4'x8' panels, I preferred
using plywood instead for better stability and durability.  Insure that you use the metal spacer clips when installing the panels to allow for expansion.

    In covering the structure, I used
Smart Side Siding. Prior to enclosing
the area, I wired with a 12/2 grade

for 4 recessed lights which came with
three color options.

  Instead of using 1"x2" wood to conceal the panel connections, I used the same panel to cut strips with a Table Saw.  Having this tool allows for a more custom look.  Though I did not add any insulation, I did install a Ridge Vent ending two feet in from each side to minimize any water getting in.

  Once I covered the sides, I started with the post trim using the panels to match the design.  It provided a more buffed look.  With the table saw, I also installed a 2" trim around the posts which would be used for color design.

  The color I decided on for the trim was Fuchsia which is in line with the rest of the house.  Though there are varies shades, this one was preferred.  I designed the Metal Clouds for the front and came across the other iron pieces which went well with Hibiscus plants.  This was one of many structures I constructed for the first time.  When starting a project, do the research, ask questions and then go for it.  You won't learn if you don't start.