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ksdulaney@gmail.com   Karen
05-09-2016 4:02:30 PM CST
Any current project information?

Jeff   jeff_wrl@yahoo.com
08-28-2013 3:52:22 PM CST
Rolando, I'm anxious to start my irrigation system. I wish it wasn't so hot outside. Maybe I'll wait til November.

12-14-2010 5:44:50 PM CST
Check out my latest project, Patio Conversion. It only took me a week to complete.

Julie at Gordon's
11-09-2010 11:34:09 PM CST
Wow it's amazing, had family in this past Sunday so couldn't come to party

05-23-2010 6:41:58 PM CST
I will be modifying the gazebo later this summer and will have a project update then.

05-22-2010 10:32:52 PM CST
Fantastic site! Can't wait to see the info on how to build the green house and the gazebo!

05-17-2010 8:59:00 PM CST
Thanks! As time goes on, I modify my projects and updated photos will be posted.

Mary Sue Davis   dynamitemary@hotmail.com
05-16-2010 8:15:00 PM CST
I am really impressed by your website and your accomplishments. I think you missed your calling

05-14-2010 9:37:31 PM CST
Thank you! I will also be posting a finished photo of the carport on the Home Page soon.

05-13-2010 8:55:33 PM CST
the website is great! you do have a lot of great ideals and helpful tips. maile's house is very nice!!! u did a great job!!!

05-08-2010 10:43:54 AM CST
If you want some guidance on your project, my e-mail is posted on the home page.

05-02-2010 9:48:50 PM CST
you've given me a few ideas...can't wait to have my husband get started.

04-26-2010 10:06:21 AM CST
Thank you! I am working on some other projects that will be posted this summer.

04-25-2010 10:48:51 PM CST
Like your website! Lots of useful info!