This is another of several patio arbors I built.  This design was a combination of a walk thru passage way that I saw in a magazine which was only 4 feet wide.  I integrated my ideas and made it a 20'x12' patio.  Since my property is pie shaped, the decking was designed to compensate for that angle and get the most use of the area.  With the constant southerly wind, this was a perfect area for this structure.

     This design is very basic in it's construction.  The structure is built with treated lumber.  From my personal experience, outdoor structures built with untreated materials will deteriorate to fast.  I do not have construction phase photos for this project however, I can elaborate on the materials used.

     I used 6"x6"x10' post, cemented 1 1/2' deep.  To smooth out the post edges I used a router, giving it a clean look.  The top portion of the cross post I secured with 1/2" dowels, this provides a seamless connection.

     The decking is secured to the ground with post plates cemented and attached to the frame.  Framing boards are 2"x6" to handle what ever weight the deck will encounter.   Main deck boards are placed vertically and the two outer boards horizontally to minimize wood splinters.  

     The roof pitch is 2' in height to allow for drainage and is secured to the posts with hurricane ties.  Since it's original design, I have modified it with see thru doors for a visual look and to keep out any stray dogs from the neighborhood.  I have also replaced the deck in order to show off it's natural wood grain and the stain I used is transparent redwood.  The brand of the stain is called Penofin.  You will not be able to find it at your major retailers however, just do a search on the internet for the name and a dealer near you will carry it.  It cost approximatley $32 per gallon.

        An added feature of this patio is that I added rope lighting as I do with most of my structures.  In this case I tapped in to the power source of a light fixture at the corner of the house.  By doing this, when I turn on the light to the front door, the rope lighting to the patio is also lit.  This provides a soothing ambiance in the evening enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.