​      Three Tier Tree Deck

  ​It​ has been a while since I've taken the time
​to post updates on the site.  Many of my projects have been home remodeling and I've tried to maintain the genre due to the title of the website.  However, based on requests, I will also be including remodeling projects as well.

​  ​On​ this particular challenge, I provided a couple of design sketches to my family and this is the one they preferred.  Since my property is pie shaped, I constructed patios on both sides of the house, however, not too many people are aware that I also have a patio on this side of the yard.  My goal was to draw one to this area creating a place to hang out, read a book, play checkers or just to enjoy a hot cup of coffee.  The frame dimensions are 10'x10' square overlapping each other in order to minimize the size and allow thoroughfare on both sides of the deck.  The lumber I generally use is treated with a combination of cedar to add dimension which can be stained to any color desired.  Since cedar has a higher absorption rate, the difference in the type of of lumber used tends to accentuate a design.

  ​  When​ framing around a tree, compensate
​for its growth and leave room for future
adjustments.  This framing has a two foot spacing,
 and I used 2"x6"x8' boards.  The
​lattice not only gives it a bit of class but it also keeps critters from nesting underneath it.  Though it may seem that the levels did not need all that lumber but actually it did.  The reason for completely decking each level was so that the weight was distributed evenly.
     ​Before enclosing the sourrounding area
​with lattice, I installed 1/2" Conduit piping
with 12/2 wire which I buried underground
​and installed a light switch for it.  With rope
​lighting, you can connect up to 100' per switch because of its low voltage.  Make sure that the box where the wiring connects is completely enclosed so no water on ants can nest in it.  Ants are attracted to electrical current, that's why electrical outlets short out from time to time, especially the outdoor ones.
  ​The stain I used was a brand called Ready
​Seal which Home Depot and Lowes now
​carries in stock, however, call your local
store to ensure that they have the color you
​want since no store will stock every color.
​The color I used for the deck was Pecan.  For the trim, I used Cedar and stained it with Mahogony which brought out the design. 
  ​Once the deck was completed, I looked
​around for a color scheme of outdoor pillows.  Since I install lighting on all my structures, the evenings can be especially inviting as a place of leisure and gratification in seeing what one can accomplish.